Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Traditional vs. Modern Anniversary Gifts

Daniel and I will celebrate our first wedding anniversary next month! And OH MAN, what a year it's been.  We had no idea we'd be experiencing so many major life changes together in our first year of marriage, but I am incredibly thankful for the man I wake up next to every morning and the way he's taken on every unexpected turn head on. 

Because of that, I want to get him something really meaningful to commemorate this first crazy year.  Last night we agreed it'd be pretty cool to follow along with the traditional anniversary gift  list and today I'm dreaming of all the different things I could try to pull off for this sweet man of mine.  I'm so excited!

The category for a first anniversary is paper, and I plan on sharing a list of ideas on here soon.  However, I know the traditional list may not appeal to everyone, so I found a little graphic that includes a more updated, modern list as well.  

It would be pretty easy to let our anniversary come and go this year with everything else going on (we'll have a newborn on our actual wedding date!), but we both believe being married deserves to be celebrated and making one another feel important and loved should be priority over almost everything else.  I'm thankful we talked about it a little beforehand so we can be on the same page through whatever happens this next month :)


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