Sunday, September 28, 2014

38 Weeks Bumpdate

We had a few "could this be the beginning of labor?" moments this week, but nothing serious and overall I'm happy to still be pregnant. I've been thinking a lot about this time being the last little bit where it's just my husband and me and it's making me feel like soaking it up rather than wishing it away. We're now less than a month from our first anniversary, and it's been the most beautiful, crazy year! I'm trying to take a step back now, before the babe comes, and remember to continue learning to love him while we're learning to take care of her.


Baby Size: At our 37 week appointment last Monday our midwife estimated baby girl to be about 6.5 pounds already, so she should be around 7 now!

Weight Gain: 17 pounds.

Symptoms: More contractions and a LOT of intense sharp pinching pain up in my business this week.  Also, I made it to week 38 before I woke up with my first stretch marks.  Just a few on the bottom of my belly, which I assume happened now that babe has dropped and is pulling my tummy down. I'm not bothered by them, though, they're proof that I grew a human! I'm also in full-out nesting mode--cleaning and recleaning constantly.

Exercise: Still running 2-3 miles every morning plus weights, squats, yoga, dancing. I've added a mile onto my lunchtime walk and a couple miles onto our evening walks, so now I'm getting in about 10 to 11 miles a day total.  Trying to walk this baby down into position! Also no longer sitting in chairs or on the couch--bouncing on my yoga ball instead.

Cravings:  Mexican food.

Have the happiest week!


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