Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Couple & Family Halloween Costume Ideas

I am a holiday/tradition nerd, friends. I love any excuse to celebrate, give gifts, dress up in costume, etc. Last year Daniel and I were on our honeymoon on Halloween, so we haven't gotten to experience handing out candy to trick or treaters together.  This year we own a home but we'll have a teeny one, so we're trying to think ahead a little. We hope to feel up to dressing up as a little family, though, and dreaming up costume ideas together has been really fun and kind of hilarious--mostly the ones we've entertained for baby girl. :)

We don't plan to use any of these this year, but I've found some couple and family costume ideas I really love--I thought I'd share a few with you!

I've never seen this one before--SO cute and definitely doable!

This one's been popular for a few years, but I still love it.

Daniel and I have considered this one a few times but never followed through--I think it'd be so fun!

Just, yes.

And for those of you with littles...

A Beautiful Mess generally posts a few very cute DIY costume ideas every year--love this one.

Someday we WILL be doing this one. My dad read Popeye stories to me before I fell asleep when I was growing up and often called me "Sweet Pea." Maybe next year when our Sweet Pea is a little older :)

I know this doesn't show the full family costume concept, but you get it. Cute and doable with a tiny one!

I think we've decided on what we plan to attempt this year. We don't know how many weeks old (or potentially DAYS if I go way past my due date!) babe will be, so it's kind of up in the air, but we'd like to try dressing up and handing out candy if possible.  Either way, I'm giddy at the thought of starting a few traditions with my husband and our little family!


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