Thursday, September 4, 2014

Postpartum Workout Wishlist

Now that we're coming to the end of this pregnancy, I'm getting really excited to get back to pushing my body in new ways while working out.  I know it'll be a while (6+ weeks after Edie is born) before I'm cleared to attempt hand stands or start training for a race, but I'm already looking for ways to keep myself inspired when things get tough.  I'm sure they will after birthing a child and then resting my muscles for over a month!

New Yoga Mat: For Inside

How could you not be excited to roll out your mat every day if it looked like this?

New Running Shoes: For Outside

Daniel recently told me I "deserve new shoes" after how hard I've worked throughout this pregnancy--it was very sweet.  I've never had funky running shoes, but in the spirit of a new adventure (I'll be pushing a running stroller here soon!), I think it'd be kind of fun to go a little crazy :)

New Workout: For a Challenge

I've been hearing a lot about barre classes lately.  I'm always up for trying a new workout to challenge and change my muscles, and this style looks like it'd be an awesome one to explore! I came across this Fayetteville Barre Class Groupon a while back and have been thinking about going ahead and purchasing it so I'm forced to get out of my comfort zone a little once I'm cleared for exercise post-baby. I've read barre and yoga are great together for lean muscle toning, so I'm definitely interested.

I will say I'm very excited to work out in cooler temperatures after baby girl is born--fall weather, please come quickly!


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