Sunday, June 22, 2014

24 Weeks Bumpdate & Maternity Preview

I mentioned last night that Daniel and I spent a good portion of our Saturday adventuring around our pretty city finding new spots to stop and take photos.  Here are a few from our in-town travels:

24 Weeks:

Baby Size: 12.5 inches long!

Gender: Girl!

Weight Gain: 8 pounds--feeling like a walking belly. At my height, Edie has nowhere to grow but out!

Symptoms: Craving sweets, struggling with tight hips and having a hard time sleeping. Lots of energy--wanting to get the nursery started! Daniel is cleaning up the paint stuff as we speak, and our crib should be in this week!  Baby girl is kicking away nonstop and I love that she keeps me reassured in that way. 

Exercise: Running every morning plus zumba/swimming laps, walking every evening plus yoga. Feeling really great and loving getting some sun on my face and shoulders!
Cravings: Ice cream and caramel corn pretty much all the time.

Can't wait for this week--we have a lot of exciting things coming up!


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