Sunday, June 1, 2014

Spencer Wedding Preview and 21 Week Bumpdate

I had the privilege of photographing my pretty cousin's wedding last night, and I am so excited to share more of the images with the world in the near future! Kelsey was a crazy beautiful bride and I loved seeing her so happy :)

It was also wonderful to see my extended family--I got pretty used to having my belly touched by the end of the evening :)  21 weeks today!


Baby Size: One inch shy of a foot, and she weighs about a pound! Keeping growing, baby girl!

Gender: Little lady :) Edie Faye, I am so excited to snuggle you!

Weight Gain: 5 pounds. Still haven't bought any maternity clothes, but I'm wearing mostly stretchy or loose stuff.

Symptoms: Sweet tooth, but feeling great!

Exercise: Haven't changed any of my routine, just moving a little slower.

Cravings: Cereal, chocolate everything.  Eight hours into wedding day festivities yesterday I was really craving caffeine, but we did okay without it :)

I'm off to photograph a lovely couple who met in elementary school--love their story!


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