Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My Favorite Blog Babies & Mommies

I've got my little lady on my mind this morning as I get ready for our monthly midwife appointment (five months down, four-ish to go!), so I thought I'd share a few links to the babies and mommies I follow in Blog World.  I love going back through their pregnancy journeys and reading what they were excited and worried about and seeing how their babes have changed their lives for the better--they all seem like genuinely wonderful women I'd love to sit down with over coffee.

Baby Soren and Mommy Savannah of Maiedae
Savannah is a hair and makeup pro who reminds me it's okay to take care of myself throughout this pregnancy and after Eden is here.  She has a ton of fantastic advice on making it all work while running a business from home while her little man is napping.

Baby Annabel and Mommy N'Tima of We Seek Joy
The portraits this sweet lady takes of her beautiful baby girl--oh man.  And her post, "Babies Ruin Bodies,"--if you didn't see it floating around the internet a few months ago when it went viral, go read it. Now.  I want to be her best friend.

Mommy Rubyellen and her crew of little ladies of Cakies
This superhero mommy has her hands full but somehow manages to make her little ladies' messes look so beautiful.  She is for real family-first and I love all of the ideas she comes up with to spend creative time with her daughters and husband.

Baby Rylee and Mommy Kelli of Kelli Murray
I'm pretty sure this child is the most fashionable little girl out there, and the way her mommy writes about her and their baby boy on the way makes my heart happy.  Also, her art is pretty inspiring.

Baby Ruby and Mommy Joy of Oh Joy!
This woman is a rockstar who just launched a party line with Target while pregnant with babe #2.  And little Ruby's reaction to the news of gaining a little brother or sister--the BEST.

Hope you feel inspired today!


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