Wednesday, June 25, 2014

If I Were Planning My Wedding Now: The Dress

I've been meeting and working with the loveliest brides this summer and it's bringing me back to planning my own wedding last year. The budget topic comes up often when we're going through the booking process, and since budget weddings are near and dear to my heart (we got married for next to nothing!), it makes me want to hold each nearlywife's hand and walk with her to the other side of planning.  

Since that isn't really possible, I figured I could at least shed a little light on one of the major things I saved on when we were wedding planning--the dress!  I ended up purchasing secondhand for under $100, but I did stalk a couple of online non-wedding dress websites (wayyyyy cheaper than most options at bridal boutiques!), ASOS and Free People, and strongly consider what they had at the time.  It's been over a year since I bought my dress, though, so I thought it'd be more helpful to pick out a few dresses I've been swooning over that these stores currently have in stock.

If I were planning my wedding this year, I'd definitely be ordering that first dress from ASOS.  So lovely!

For more info on our budget wedding, go here!


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