Sunday, June 29, 2014

25 Weeks Bumpdate

Daniel and I are heading home from the best mini vacation feeling so thankful for our time together and so ready for the new adventures Edie will bring our way.  Austin was the perfect place for us to explore and relax before we get hardcore into baby prep mode--I'm spending the drive home dreaming about putting the nursery together :)


Baby Size: Just under 14 inches long! Grow, baby girl, grow!

Gender: We are loving calling our little lady by name.

Weight Gain: Nine pounds. Ate my weight in tacos on our trip this week!

Symptoms: Two nine hour car rides this week were definitely more uncomfortable than usual and I've had a few calf cramps wake me up in the middle of the night, but I still feel pretty wonderful overall! Homegirl is kicking up a storm every time I sit or lie down and we're now able to really feel where she is when we push on my stomach gently, which is so crazy!

Exercise: Same routine! Used the hotel gym every morning of our trip so I didn't feel tired and gross all day.
Cravings: Chocolate. Anything sweet, really.

Can't believe we're finishing up the second trimester!


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