Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Maternity Photo Inspiration

As my belly grows bigger (by the day, it seems!) and my girl reminds me of her existence more frequently (I feel like she's doing gymnastics all day!), I'm getting more and more excited to set aside an evening to capture what our little family looks like at this stage in our lives.  Soon I'll be swollen and puffy, I'm sure, so we're thinking about taking maternity photos in the near-ish future while I still feel like myself.  I'm not sure what we're going for just yet, but here are a few other expecting mommas and baby bumps I find just absolutely lovely:

I feel so unbelievably blessed to be the one carrying this mini lady--how is it that I get to be the only soul getting to know her like this before we can even see her?  I feel like I'm learning her rhythms--I know when she'll kick again after moving and when she's settling down. I love this little one and I even love what she's doing to change my body because it means I've been blessed with the strength to house her, to hold her as the Lord prepares her for breath outside of my womb.  When I look back on her infancy as she grows into a young woman, I know I'll never forget that I got to do life with her first, just the two of us, and I'll be forever thankful for these sweet, short months. 


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