Friday, November 15, 2013

A Few Friday Announcements

It's Friday, and I've officially almost survived two weeks of post-honeymoon work.  I can't believe we've been home doing real life together for two weeks!  

I feel like I still have a lot to catch you all up on after taking a blogging break to get married, travel, and start settling in, and now is as good a time as any to fill you in! :)

1) For those of you who joined us on our journey to the altar through my first blog, A Wedding for Pennies and Rocks, thank you so much! 75 of us came together to raise a total of $4,383 (over twice our wedding budget--budget breakdown post coming soon) through our Pure Charity page.  That money impacted...get ready for it...

63,631 PEOPLE!

Holy goodness!  Considering we only had 100 people at our wedding, I'd say we more than accomplished our dream to come together and help as many people as possible during the whole wedding planning process. So thank you all for giving and walking alongside us during our very exciting, very unconventional engagement period.  

2) Nataley and I are available for your proposal/wedding planning and engagement/wedding photography needs!  More on this later, but we're booking our next hand full of clients for next to nothing. :) Contact us for more details.

3) Daniel and I adopted another pup!  Meet Poesy, a two year old boxer mix and new sister to our first-born, Penny.  (We actually don't know if Penny is technically the first-born--they're about the same age.)  She is super sweet but loves to play and has discovered how to buck Penny up in the air by shoving her head under Pen's belly.  Penny doesn't love it, but they're getting along great otherwise! We're working on "Sit!" and she's picking it up pretty quickly, and she's awesome on long morning runs!

Goodness, what an exciting time! And to make everything even better, THE HOLIDAYS ARE COMING UP! Which means it's time for me to go gift-happy.  I keep reminding myself that it's not MY money anymore, it's OUR money.  BUT I LOVE BUYING/MAKING CHRISTMAS PRESENTS FOR EVERYONE.  And MULTIPLE for Daniel.  If I get him something really stinkin' fantastic, he'll understand, right?  Nataley and I will both be posting gift guides soon!

Speaking of the holidays, we're off to Tulsa for the weekend to spend time with Daniel's family.  His older brother, sister-in-law and niece are in town from Indiana and don't get to come back for Thanksgiving or Christmas. :(  It'll be my first time staying at Daniel's parents' house--we're both from Tulsa so we've never had to stay with one another's families on trips home.  It'll be different being in town but not staying at my Dad's, but I suppose I have to adjust to this whole marriage thing sooner or later!

Happy weekend, friends!


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