Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Here Come the Holidays

The holidays are approaching sooo fast! I can’t believe it is November 20th.

After getting married you have to learn how to navigate the holidays the best way possible.  I am so thankful I married into such an amazing and accommodating family that shows Kyle and I and our relationship so much love. Without a good plan it can be tricky to find the much needed quality time you want to share with everyone.


For thanksgiving, Kyle and I have come up with a plan that branched off from one of my family’s traditions. My mother’s family started longgg ago to alternate each year getting together for thanksgiving, they decided to always bring everyone together on the even numbered years. So my mother’s family gets together on the even years and my father’s family gets together on the odd years.

Kyle and I and my siblings are the next generation and have decided to join in by going to thanksgiving with our mother’s side on the even years and joining our in-laws on the odd years. This does mean that we won’t ever have thanksgiving with my father’s side (unless it works out differently on some years) but for our family’s situation we get to see my father’s side of the family more often throughout the year because we live closer together.

Now that we have established this plan, everyone knows what to expect and can plan accordingly. This helps keep these holidays that are meant to be all about loving on family and friends less stressful.

Every family dynamic is different, I have heard of families doing thanksgiving on Friday or the weekend after and making it work best for their family members. Navigating the holidays will look different for everyone but finding what works best for your family sooner than later will make these first holidays as a newly married couple a lot more enjoyable :)

Kyle and I are still working out our Christmas plans but it is good we are talking about it now so we can get that quality time with everyone we love so much!

Feel free to let us know how you make it work during the holidays.


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