Saturday, November 23, 2013

Holiday Party Prep

Daniel and I have dedicated this weekend to deep cleaning the house in preparation for the Christmas decorating process :)  I am SO excited! Last night we spent about six hours doing all the yucky stuff--vacuuming, scrubbing the baseboards, dusting, scrubbing the showers, toilets, and counters, etc--so we could do some of the fun stuff today.  

We got up and lingered around the house for a while before braving the chilly weather to visit the last Saturday market of the year.  We ended up ducking in a few shops to warm up and look for Christmas gifts then headed back toward the house to catch the end of the Arkansas game before putting up Christmas lights on the house.  We know, we know--it's not even Thanksgiving yet.  We both stand behind not putting up Christmas decorations until Thanksgiving is over, but we'll be in Tulsa Wednesday through Sunday and wouldn't have the chance to get lights on the house until the next weekend since Daniel doesn't get home from work until after dark.  So today was the day!

I also moved around a few of my fall decorations (which came from the wedding decoration stash--they're already getting a second life!) for tomorrow night.  We're hosting Friendsgiving for our small group. These people have been a crazy blessing to Daniel and me and I can't wait to break a little bread with them :)  There are few things I love more than planning and hosting dinners and parties, and now that we're married it's even more fun preparing for them together!

I hope you're all having the loveliest of pre-Thanksgiving weekends! Speaking of getting in the holiday spirit and giving, you should check out this Kickstarter and consider being a part of this band's first full length album.  They played at our wedding and we had a number of people ask us who they were--they're the real deal!  


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