Thursday, November 14, 2013

Marriage Plus School

I feel really bad as I sit on my couch writing this post, planning my next craft project while watching the Big Bang Theory (this show is so addicting!), because Kyle is in the bedroom working on a Biology research project.  Being married to someone in school is harder than I thought it would be. Sometimes I feel guilty, sometimes frustrated, other times I feel so selfish because this is not exactly how I envisioned our first years of marriage.

When I was in college I stayed up way too late and was the master of procrastination. Picture the exact opposite of that, and you have Kyle’s study skills. I am really proud of him for focusing and studying so hard to get good grades. Along with the 16 hours of classes he’s taking this semester, he works over 30 hours a week (And he probably hates that I’m bragging on him right now). This is a lot for anyone, but I know there are many people out there going through the same thing. Keep trucking—you can do it!

It has been important for me to understand his schedule and be as helpful as I can so when we do have time to spend together I’m not doing laundry or going to the grocery store (these are my wifely duty downfalls). I’m farrrrr from perfect but I’ve noticed the more I am active around the house and thoughtful to what is going on with Kyle’s school and work schedules, our time spent together is a lot more enjoyable.

We are a year and a half into our marriage and have both learned so much about each other, but one of the most significant things we've realized is that we can not be selfish.  It doesn't lead to anything good when we are. When we focus on each other everything works so much better--imagine that!

I feel for couples out there with school schedules or awkward work hours. I'd love to know how you make things work for you!


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