Saturday, August 30, 2014

10 Little Things: August

Oh man--August is already over? It flew by! I can't say I mind too much, though--September means saying hello to my favorite season and hopefully saying goodbye to the sticky heat.  However, this past month was definitely wonderful, and my heart has so many things, big and small, to thank the Lord for!

1. Waking up to a thunderstorm.
So cozy!

2. This quote.
Trying to savor every last moment with my husband before the babe joins us!

3. This man and his work ethic, even on a Saturday morning.
Even though I asked him if he was almost done ten times :) I wanted to spend time with him! But I appreciate his desire to be excellent at his job so much.

4. And the super cute girl keeping him company.
I mean...

5. Yellow leaves!
I am giddy over the arrival of September and all things fall.

6. Baking with pumpkin.
And feeling like it's almost okay! I just couldn't wait.

7. These emails.
I love getting happy things in the mail, but waiting for them is half the fun!

8. The nights Daniel does yoga with me.
So appreciate his support as I continue trying to take care of my body at the end of this pregnancy.

9. Remembering last fall.
I can't believe we're approaching our first anniversary! Reflecting on how I was feeling at this time last year is so sweet. It's been the CRAZIEST year but I'm so thankful for the man I chose to tackle it with!

10. Raspberry leaf tea.
It's supposed to tone the uterus for labor, and it's actually really yummy! I'm thankful, because I'm supposed to drink three cups a day :)

Bring it on, September!


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