Thursday, August 21, 2014

Backyard Inspiration

Daniel and I had a few different priorities when it came to what we were looking for in a house back in January, but we both agreed from the get go we wanted a backyard. We ended up finding the perfect one--not too big, not too small--a place we can definitely see ourselves relaxing when the weather is nice.  Although Daniel has done a LOT of work on it this summer (digging up dead bushes, killing weeds), we've come to terms with saving the more major parts of a backyard reno for the future (maybe next spring/summer).  It's one of those projects we don't NEED to get done before Edie is here, so we've been focusing on other parts of the house.

That doesn't keep us from dreaming about what we could do with the space, however.  One thing I definitely want to utilize is in prettying up the yard is the wooden pergola outside our back door.  Did you know that's what those are called--pergolas? I didn't until recently--I kept calling in the "wooden thing outside" and eventually decided to google it. I've never lived in a house with one, but I do love the way they can look with some pretty greenery growing up the sides, white curtains and a few strands of bulb lights. 

The second one with all the flowers? I mean, come on--a dream!


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