Sunday, August 3, 2014

30 Weeks Bumpdate

Eeeek I feel like passing week 30 is a big milestone--this part of the pregnancy seemed so out of reach during the first trimester.  But we couldn't be more excited to meet this girl and are doing everything we can to prepare for her arrival. Our Bradley birth class is getting more intense--we're picking apart the stages of labor and Daniel is learning how to recognize them and keep me relaxed. I'm so thankful to have him as a partner in all of this!


Baby Size: 16 inches!

Gender: Girl! 

Weight Gain: 14 pounds, feeling great :)

Symptoms: Acid reflux, mostly really bad at night.  Girl wakes me up often when she rolls around, too. Also frequenting the restroom a little more often. 

Exercise: Same routine! Running every morning, walking the dogs in the middle of the day and again with Daniel after dinner.  Plus zumba videos, yoga, toning weights, and my daily exercises for our Bradley class (lots of squats and pelvic rocks four times a day).  Still feeling really strong and experiencing minimal discomfort.
Cravings: Cottage cheese, peanut butter. Not together--still not having any weird combo cravings.

Happy August, friends!


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