Monday, August 4, 2014

Bedroom Tour

I fall more and more in love with our room every day.  This is probably very related to the fact that I become more and more pregnant every day and more and more in need of a nap :) But I also just enjoy working in here--the natural light is awesome and the whole space just feels simple and fresh.  And crawling into bed after I pull our super soft white sheets right out of the dryer--THE BEST FEELING.

Our dressers are Ethan Allen and have been with me since I transitioned out of my nursery into my first big girl room to make space for my baby brother--so about 22 years! They've held up beautifully and I've never thought about looking for new ones.  

The bouquet is mine from our wedding, and the incredible frame with our hand-stitched names and life verses was a wedding gift from our sweet friend Charli.  We were blown away by how thoughtful it was!

Edie's moses basket and rocking stand were both from Amazon. I found the tan sheepskin rug at T.J. Maxx a few months ago (love that place!).

I've loved the idea of white bedding for years now, but I've had Penny (black-haired puppy) since college, and when I lived alone she just HAD to sleep with me.  But now that we've transitioned into a two-story house and started preparing for a baby, we made the decision to keep the dogs downstairs. I could have my white bedding! It's from Target, as are the throw pillows (had to add a little pop of color and pattern).

We picked up our nightstands at Ikea on our babymoon.    

This vanity has also been with me since I was a little lady, and I plan to pass it down to Edie when we transition her out of her nursery. It's a very old piece my grandmother gave me, and I spent a silly amount of hours sitting in front of the mirrors singing Hanson into my hairbrush.

Our area rug is also from Ikea--I LOVE it. 

This is my happy place lately :)


P.S.  I found this post from Camille Styles super inspiring this morning--think I'll try out a few of these ideas next week to start things off on the right foot!

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