Monday, August 18, 2014

Writing Our Birth Plan

Daniel and I learned about the importance of writing a birth plan at our Bradley class last week.  We know we can't ultimately control how every part of my labor and delivery goes, but getting on the same page about our ideal vision for that day is definitely something we want to do ahead of time, and writing it out seems like a good way to do it. 

So this weekend we started breaking down our priorities.  We know all of them are not only completely acceptable, but highly encouraged by our birth center staff, and for that we feel really thankful.  Even though we feel confident our wishes will be completely respected at our birth place, we do want to have them typed out in case a complication arises and we end up transferring to the hospital.  If the complication is minor, we hope to pursue the natural birth experience as we've planned it, but we are obviously willing to do what we need to do for the safety of our babe.

Here's our current rough list of priorities we plan to work into our birth plan:

*Labor will start naturally (let me go to 42 weeks, if need be!)
*No medical interventions (no pitocin, no IV, no epidural, no cesarean section)
*I will be free to move around during labor--walking, birth ball, bath, shower
*I will be free to eat and drink during labor
*I will tell you when I feel the need to push
*I will be free to choose my position of comfort while pushing (squat or kneeling squat, probably)
*I will push with contractions, only to the point of my own comfort to avoid tearing
*No episiotomy
*I will be allowed to "catch" the babe if I want to in the moment
*She will be immediately placed on my chest for skin to skin
*Delayed cord clamping
*I will breastfeed immediately
*Allow my placenta to do its thing--I'll deliver it when it's ready
*No visitors for at least two hours as bonding hormones are at their highest
*I will get up and walk soon after birth
*Babe will stay in room with us for weighing and measuring
***If I'm at a hospital for some reason--No randos in and out of our room during this whole process. If babe absolutely needs to be taken to nursery/away anywhere, Daniel will go with her. All interventions will be discussed/explained to us beforehand, and we will give informed consent.

After we made this list I started searching for example birth plans--what format do midwives/doctors expect to navigate for this situation? Based on my research, I don't think there's one specific way to write something like this.

But I did find this one particularly amusing:
:) We're praying for God's hand in our birth plan, but also for patience and flexibility if things don't go our way!

For more info on the Bradley Method classes I've been mentioning, go HERE.


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