Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter & 15 Weeks Bumpdate

Our first married Easter was so lovely.  We spent the morning in the church preschool with a bunch of very well-dressed two year olds, went to the last service of the day, and then ran back to the rent house to grab the crockpot full of roast and veggies and brought it over to the new house for our first meal there.  My dad and brother drove over from Tulsa and ate with us, and I can't think of a better way to spend the holiday afternoon than with my three favorite men.

I love my family.

This Easter included a few more very exciting visitors--my first baby flutters! I thought I felt a little movement Saturday night while I was lying in bed trying to fall asleep--it was different than any other tummy grumblings I've ever felt--and it happened again yesterday! I choose to believe it's our healthy babe making himself or herself known on a day we were already focused on celebrating life, which is a really sweet thought :)


Baby Size: Orange! 

Gender: We don't know but we are so excited to find out!

Weight Gain: Back to my original weight, so I've gained back what I lost in the first tri and am sure I'll be on the uphill climb from here.  My midwife wants me to gain 6 to 7 pounds in the next month.

Symptoms: Cravings, acne. Occasional cramps when my belly is growing.  Feeling pretty great, overall and super thankful for a laid back pregnancy so far!

Exercise: Same routine, but our midwife said I probably don't really need to be doing a lot of running after the next week or two. So we'll see! Also, I've modified my ab workouts to be mostly plank-based, not so much twisting.  

Cravings: Fruit snacks and a hot fudge sundae. Also, Diet Coke? Which I never really liked even when I drank pop years ago. And last night I sat up in bed and said I wanted a toaster strudel. So weird.

I'm overwhelmed by how excited I am to be this little one's mommy!


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