Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Pad Thai from Home

Jordan introduced me to Thai food 2 years ago and almost every time I visit her we go and get Pad Thai from the best Thai place in Fayetteville. It wasn't until I started researching clean eating and new recipes that I was interested in trying to make my own Thai food.

I took a chance on this Pad Thai dinner starter and I am super glad I did! There were some microwavable versions but there is something about putting my dinner in the microwave to cook that doesn't sound very healthy or appetizing.

The starter came with the rice noodles and sauce packet. I added some thinly sliced chicken and fried up an egg to spread in. Next time I want to add some sprouts and other veggies.

The best part was Kyle loved it, it took about 20 minutes to whip up, and the whole meal cost about $5 total for the starter, chicken, and egg!

I know I'm always looking for convenient, healthy, and budget friendly so I had to share!

 P.S. This is gluten and dairy free!


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