Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Mother's Day Photos: Kaitlyn & Harlow

This little lady, you guys, is an absolute doll.  She loves being outside, bath time, and getting her diaper changed.  She loves biting her mommy's nose and knuckles with her gummy little mouth.  And at two months, she already knows how to pose for the camera--her expressions are so stinkin' wonderful!

Her pretty momma, though, might just be my favorite part of these photos.  I haven't known Kaitlyn for a terribly long time, but I was blessed to befriend her at the beginning of her pregnancy, and I've had the privilege of watching her bloom into motherhood so beautifully. She handled Harlow so naturally from the moment she brought her into world, and I'm pretty dang inspired by the way she takes on each new step with confidence and grace.
Happy first Mother's Day, Kait & Harlow!

Aren't they lovely?


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