Thursday, May 15, 2014

DIY Shutter Bookshelf

This DIY project was another outcome from my senior art show in college. I found some shutters and leg posts at a thrift store and got the inspiration from working with window displays at Anthropologie. The shelf became the perfect place to display my ceramic pottery in the entryway of my art show.

The construction was pretty simple:

-I painted the shutters white and stained the wood leg posts a darker color. 
-Then I measured how tall I wanted the shelfs to be and cut the leg posts accordingly with a chop saw.
-I marked the spot I wanted the shelf to meet the legs and drilled a pilot hole for the screw.
-I screwed each leg to the shelf and ta-da I made a shelf! 

I know these points are a little vague because I pretty much just looked at it and put it together so don't be afraid to put your ideas into action, you can do it!


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