Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Big (Actually, She's Pretty Tiny) Reveal

We are so excited to announce that...

Baby Rock is a GIRL! 

The doctor checked several times throughout our ultrasound yesterday to make sure, so we feel pretty confident about sharing our big news.
Her name is Eden Faye Rock, and we will call her Edie (pronounced EE-DEE), which means precious gift.  After everything this week, we agreed that if we ended up finding out we were having a girl, no other name would suit her better.  Faye is Daniel's sweet grandmother's middle name, and we wanted to honor her by passing it along.

We had a few friends over this afternoon to share the news with them.  Having wonderful people to celebrate life with just makes everything so much sweeter, and we have some of the VERY best friends :)

Thank you, friends, for hurting with us, praying with us, and celebrating with us this week--I will never forget the way your support made me feel.  We are over the moon about our little lady and can't wait to meet her this fall!


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