Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Yoga at Home

Three-ish years ago I became curious about yoga and how it could benefit both my body and my mind.  I went to a few classes in Tulsa when I was home one summer, and when I moved here I signed up for a month membership at a studio. There I had the chance to explore a bunch of different classes from beginner to advanced to hot yoga.  I really loved what it did for my balance, my muscles, and my stress level, but I wasn't really in a place where I could afford it after that first month.  So I took what I had learned and decided to see what what out there on the big ol' world wide web, and after trying several different Youtube teachers, I landed on Tara Stiles.

I started doing three to five of her videos on top of my normal cardio routine most evenings every week, and I was pleasantly surprised by how wonderful and relaxing doing yoga at home alone could be.  

After a while, I was able to just kind of breathe and feel my way through a yoga sequence without needing a video to guide me, but I do enjoy looking up new material every so often for inspiration and to push myself to try new things (less of that is happening lately with my growing belly--I'm starting to research prenatal yoga now).  But I thought I'd share a few of my favorite videos from when I first started doing yoga at home--if you have a few minutes tonight or tomorrow morning, I definitely encourage you to do yourself a favor and try one of them out!
Yoga for Getting Out of Your Own Way

Build Shoulder Strength

Open Hips Routine

Slim Waist Yoga

Hardcore Flow Routine

The older I get, the stronger I feel about taking care of myself.  I only get one body and one mind, and I want to appreciate them!


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