Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day Bumpdate

Daniel and I woke up early this morning to get a run in with the dogs before heading to the church, where we'd spend half of the day.  I was asked to take Mother's Day family portraits before, during and after all of the services, and I really had the best time meeting the groups that came through (especially the ones with itty bitty babies--can't help it!).  

Hearing "Happy Mother's Day!" and getting asked how I'm feeling several times was also so, so sweet.  We have the best group of mommies at our church, and I can't wait to feel even more connected to them when our little one is around!

I've been looking forward to the next two weeks for a while--Tuesday we have an appointment with our midwife, and if everything goes well, we'll be scheduling our gender ultrasound for the next week!


Baby Size: Baked potato! Grow baby grow!

Gender: Soon! We've been talking a lot more this past week on trying to nail down a boy name and a girl name.  We want to be able to call the babe by name as soon as possible--no more "It!"

Weight Gain: Still at three pounds but feeling pretty hefty by the end of the day :)

Symptoms: Acne, cravings, the need to get the whole house done RIGHT NOW.  Daniel walked upstairs yesterday when I was getting ready to head to the Farmers Market and said, "I realize you're nesting and I appreciate you wanting to get things done."  He'd just read something about it in the book we ordered him, The Birth Partner.  :) He's funny.

Exercise: Trying to become a little less hard on myself in this area. Still running and doing yoga, but feeling slower and less balanced and trying to just adjust rather than get frustrated.  Daniel has been walking with me at night the past week, and that's been really nice. Long walks feel really good on my back and hips before bed-- I get pretty cramped up and uncomfortable by morning. 

Cravings: Caeser salad ALL DAY EVERY DAY.  I think I had salad for lunch and dinner five out of seven nights the past week.  And chocolate milk (lactose free) before bed.

Happy day to all you pretty mommies out there! Hope you had the chance to relax and snuggle your littles for a bit today.


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