Saturday, May 3, 2014

Moving Day!

Yesterday Daniel and I loaded up a big ol' truck and moved into our new house.  This wasn't really the plan--our lease on our rent house doesn't end for four more weeks, but our landlord started showing the house and (if we can be out quickly) if someone wants it earlier than the end of our contract, we might just get a little money back.  So away we went!
Penny freaks out when we pack for anything, so I loaded her up in a box to assure her she was coming with us :) (I didn't leave her in there long, guys).

She actually mellowed out a lot when I put her in there, haha.  She's a strange one.

So last night was our first sleep in the new place.  We still have a long way to go on getting the house done (most of the upstairs is still without flooring!), but it was so exciting to finally stay there after over a month of hard work.  Can't wait to update you on all of our projects!


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